miniatura_servizi.jpgRESCHEM ITALIA specialises in the widespread distribution of chemical products and other specialities for different industrial end uses. The company operates in the domestic & European markets in partnership with some of the most important international chemical companies.

With the collaboration of SIKEL ITALIA, a distributor of chemical specialities in the coating market, we have achieved important sales results in high technology markets too.

Since 1990 RESCHEM ITALIA and SIKEL ITALIA have constantly enriched their product ranges with raw materials and additives mainly for Coating and Polyurethane markets. In 2006 both of the

companies have strenghtend and extended their presence in other industrial markets such as Pharmaceutical, Fragrances and Food, thanks to the key support of the principals.

2007 is the beginning of an important challenge for Sikel, the production of its own branded Si-kel 07, chelating agent with innovative technological content, is now implemented.


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