miniatura_filosofia.jpgThe basic philosophy and the values of RESCHEM ITALIA and SIKEL ITALIA have not changed since the foundation in 1990: passion, know-how and results are the three focal points that have always been inspiring our work and which our customers can rely on.

What distinguishes RESCHEM ITALIA and SIKEL ITALIA from the competition is the passion we put in our work, with our continuous and constant research to identify innovative and green products.

RESCHEM ITALIA and SIKEL ITALIA everyday aim is excelling in everything.. The team take care of the details from the negotiation during the sale activity to the after-sales assistance , from the technical assistance to the provision of information material.

In fact it is not to be forgotten the passion with which RESCHEM ITALIA and SIKEL ITALIA follow their customers by building and maintaining in the years a special relationship that is not only a professional one but especially a friendly partnership based on mutual trust. Great attention is given to the competence and the training of our qualified employees.

They are able to assist customers in every situation, finding the most appropriate technical solution to customers’ needs. Our commitment and the passion we transmit through our work are the guarantee to reach the ambitious results that every day we target together with our partners and our customers.